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Cut Your Costs

Play to your strength

Play to your strength and we’ll play ours. Using our services allows you to concentrate on your core business without losing focus and survive in these troubled times.

Virtual Office Services Telephone Answering & Telemarketing

Smart Office Services offers a unique service to small businesses, partnerships, entrepreneurs and one-man bands. Have you ever dreamed of expanding your business so that you are covered on all fronts, like a large corporate.

Well, we have a solution.

We can act as your complete office. Our virtual office service splits our time between different clients but portraying to the outside world that we work solely for you.

We can offer a postal business address, collect, forward or deal with your mail.

We offer a complete telephone answering service and can take your phone calls in your own company name , offering either a number from the local exchange or an 0800, 0845 or 0870 number. These calls can be dealt with in the same way they would be if you had your own office.

You can have your own PA who can deal with your administration and clients on your behalf. We can make any travel arrangements you may have both inland and oversees or make your appointments as we share on-line diaries with our clients.

Telemarketing Services & Much More

We can deal with your bookkeeping, sending out your invoices and chase up your payments and we can even do your payroll if you have any direct employees.

If you ever need to make a presentation, send out a mailshot or produce a database, all these things can be done with ease.

We can even attend meetings and take minutes. As an added bonus, on top of all this, we have a meeting room you can use when the need arises.

Smart Office Services

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