Sep 14, 2020

Top Tips For Running An Efficient Diary

At first glance, anyone can keep a diary but to effectively manage your time is far more difficult and takes a lot of skill. Scheduling reminders and colour coding are just some of the processes we use to help manage your diary efficiently. Read on for more of our top tips...

All Day Events

By selecting ‘all day events’ they will appear at the top of your Diary on the relevant day/s and can be extended to cover as many days as you wish. Ideal for marking holidays or making notes on a particular day, with key information they need to know.

Recurring Meetings

If you have a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even yearly meeting your diary can automatically update this without you having to enter each one and regardless of the diary system you use, the recurrence button is easy to operate on all.  You can use this for alternative matters like having to raise an invoice at a specific time each month or for arranging on-going meetings or get-togethers. Also it is very useful for reminders of birthdays or anniversaries. When scheduling recurring appointments, regularly check that they are still relevant and needed. For example, some businesses have realised that many face to face appointments can be done via telephone or video calls.

Colour Codes

Your on line diary should be easy to update and accessible from anywhere, ensuring you are always aware of what is coming up and whether anything has been changed.  Using colour codes will ensure you can see at a glance what is approaching.  Highlighting different types of engagements in varying colours means that you will be far more organised as you will see what events are impending, just by glancing at your diary.  Various colours can be set for different times and meetings like “work time”, “committees”, “travel time”, “free time” “appointment not confirmed” etc., everything at a glance.


You can set automatic reminders for appointments which can be by email or text and sent a set amount of time prior to the event. This helps prevent no-shows in your diary and avoids any confusion over times.

Schedule Time For Tasks

Don’t just use your diary for meetings, schedule time for tasks too. If you need a document completed with a deadline give yourself the time to complete the task.

How Could We Help?

Your Personal Assistant will, in the first instance, get to understand your preferences, whether you are an early bird and glad to start your meetings early and meet someone for breakfast or are you happy to accommodate a client late in the day.  They will need to understand how many meetings you would be prepared to undertake in a day/week, how much free time you would need as well as other things like whether you like to keep your Friday afternoons or Monday mornings free.

We discuss what, if anything, isn’t working for you and how we could improve that.

There are now many very good online diaries you can very simply share but you will easily be able to use an Outlook or Google Calendar.  By using this method to control your time you will find you can achieve so much more. If you already have an online diary you are happy with, we will work with that.


This very same system can easily be used and transformed for use in Beauty and Hair Salons, Physio, Osteopathy or even Dental Clinics as well as Gyms and Exercise & Dance Studios.  So easily adaptable and your Virtual Office can do all this for you, leaving you with no stress.

Let us free up time in your day

You can do anything but you can’t always do everything. That’s when we can step in and support you.