Jan 19, 2021

Colours Of The Rainbow

As we face the challenges of January and the additional restrictions brought to us by Covid-19. We thought we'd brighten up your day with a poem using 'Colours Of The Rainbow'.

"Stay strong, there's a rainbow after very storm"

Colours of The Rainbow

Come to us – you may need an overhaul
Office services, our friendly team can do it all
Lots to like about our firm
Our rates are fair, won’t make you squirm
Undeniably, you’ll find that we’re best
Relax and please put us to the test
SOS (help needed!), is our shortened name
Office Services and all in the office is our game
From online orders to managing your diary
Together, we’ll deal with any enquiry
Help is always here to ease your pain
Engaging us would surely be your gain
Research – another service that we do
All administration dealt with, we’re here for you
In the end, you’ll know it makes perfect sense
No job is too small and we won’t take offence
Building your business, we can help with it all
Our services are very varied, so just give us a call
Whatever the job, call SOS. We’ll always do our very best

Let us free up time in your day

You can do anything but you can’t always do everything. That’s when we can step in and support you.