Jun 15, 2020

How To Write A Blog For Your Business

Have you ever thought of writing a blog?  My answer would be many times, and I have done a few,  but until I recently undertook some research on the subject I did not actually realise the value.   If you have a business idea that you want to set up, you’re in a prime position to construct your brand.  If your company is already established, you have an opportunity to clarify your uniqueness.

So, let’s hope this is the start of many.

Who is your Audience?

If, like me, you are writing on behalf of your company, then your main audience is likely to be your customers and/or potential customers.   This being the case, you will need to make it interesting and informative and what you believe they are likely going to want to read.  Don’t forget, you are trying to connect with a prospective new client so try to draw them in using your blog as a marketing tool and remember it could influence the reader’s decision to use you.

Content Matter

Obviously, you need to write of a subject you know about and you will want to show off your knowledge and skills.  This should be simple if the blog is for your company or business as you are very likely to know what you do inside out.   Although you may be very interested in how many apples you get to the kilo or the difference between a cross-ply and radial tyre, I doubt a very high percentage of your readers would agree.  Whatever the subject, try to make it amusing, insert a couple of appropriate jokes along the way to keep attention.  Always plan your content in advance.

Heading or Title 

Make the most of your Blog Heading.  I believe the heading you choose is all important and could impact on how a blog post can be found on search engines.   Use a heading that will catch the reader’s eye and include words that might be significant to your business and what the post is about.


Decide on how you are going to set out your Blog but always number or head each subject matter so if you have six paragraphs you’ll need six individual headings on the main content within each.

Ask for Help

Don’t let these blogs be your sole responsibility.  You may find them too overpowering and will quickly become bored and feel put upon.  You will also find that each blog you write is very similar to the last so shed the load by encompassing all of your colleagues.   You may find the different styles of writing and the ideas that will emerge from the number of people blogging will add far more character.  Even, If you can’t get a commitment from anyone to actually write one, extract some different notions and discuss between yourselves by exchanging ideas.


Most of all, whether you are writing for yourself, your business or your company – ENJOY!

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