Aug 14, 2020

How to effectively work from home

The Coronavirus came upon us so suddenly and, like other companies, we had to quickly organise a different way of working to limit disruption. Wherever possible, employees were asked to work from home so how did we make this work?

The first and most important thing we established was communication. How was each person contactable while at home? Email goes without saying, but sometimes it just isn’t easy to email with adequate explanation of the subject in hand.  Many of us were able to unplug our work phones and reconnect at home, but typical 21st century technology we weren’t all able to do that. It was agreed that those who couldn’t would use mobiles. The first hurdle we had to overcome was  deciphering whether we needed to ring the work phone or mobile in order that we could all be working and talking while remotely.

One of our most important points of working from home was of course keeping the services that we offer up to standard, therefore always having an individual to answer the phone lines and accounts staff always being available to answer a tax or bookkeeping question. We made sure that while working from home we were still able to continue giving the great service we were giving prior to April 2020.  Once we worked out how we could successfully make this work, the next organisational element to consider was to organise how we would get post to each other,  getting desks set up and remembering not to press shut down on your remote log on at the end of the day!

Top tips for companies and employees working remotely

Write yourself a to do list for the day and BE REALISTIC

Just because you are not with your work colleagues you probably won’t get that much more done. Someone is always going to ring you in the middle of writing an important email and you still need to eat and drink!

Keep a routine similar to the office

Start with a cup of coffee (hot drink substitution allowed!). One thing that began my day in the office was a cup of coffee so that’s how I started my workday at home.

Be comfortable

Some people in lockdown would get dressed and others would stay in PJs. Either way, I’m sure there was always someone on your video call that was smart on the top and comfy on the bottom, it’s not a secret!

Take a lunch break away from your desk

If the weather is nice get outside, if not just move rooms. You will be more productive when you get back to your desk and you can continue on with the lockdown puzzle that’s been started but not yet finished.

Stop yourself getting distracted

Whether this is working in a room with no one else, or in a room where someone else is really busy and hasn’t got time for you. Either way wherever you decide to set up, make it as distraction free as possible!

The usual desk tidy mind still applies

Just because it isn’t your own desk at work, or it’s really just the dining room table, try and only have what you need on the desk. That way you know where you are and what you are working on.

And lastly, if you are working on a reduced team and need someone to answer the calls and take messages or those admin tasks that you haven’t got time to do, get in touch, we are still at the end of the phone!

Let us free up time in your day

You can do anything but you can’t always do everything. That’s when we can step in and support you.