Call Minding

Call Minding

Are you a sole trader, consultant, partnership or small limited company? If so, we are sure we will be able to help you and your business. Smart Office Services offer a personal telephone answering/call minding service, which allows you the peace of mind to be able to concentrate on your core business in the knowledge that you will not be losing any calls. Most callers hang up when greeted with an answer phone or voicemail and diverting to a mobile gives a very unprofessional image.

Smart Office Services - Call mindingThere are a number of reasons why businesses might need an answering service. Tradesmen, etc may require a service that just takes emergency messages which can be text through to the mobile. This is the traditional use of a call minding service.

If you have high volumes of incoming calls that you don’t want to answer, the service can act as a screener for you, taking messages or giving basic information to most callers and forwarding or patching more complicated calls directly to you or your staff.

If you are building your business, or experiencing growth a call answering service can be a good first step to maybe fully outsourcing your work. If this is the case, you will want to choose a provider you feel comfortable with and who you will be able to work with both now and in the future.

Smart Office Services Call Minding_2Once you have made that decision to outsource your phone calls in whatever form, choosing the right answering service can be difficult but extremely important. You should avoid treating the service as a product as they will be directly dealing with your customers and can have a significant impact on people’s perceptions of your company. You should be looking for a partner who will directly affect your customer satisfaction.

With Smart Office Services, each call will be answered by a friendly voice in your own company name giving the impression of a professional, well run organisation. We can learn to understand your business thereby giving callers the notion that we are part of your team.

Your calls will be dealt with in the exact manner you require – we can transfer calls through to you thereby acting as a receptionist or we can take a message and either text or email directly. We have secure on-line diaries we share with our clients enabling us to make appointments for you if you so wish avoiding you spending time having to call customers/clients back.

We are not a call centre, we are a small, friendly team who will treat each and every caller as if they are our own. You can use us just when you are away from your desk, are busy, have a meeting ….. or all of the time. Or you may wish to use us just once a year when you are on holiday to allow you to take that well earned break in the knowledge that your business is still being manned.

We have sophisticate equipment that monitors your calls – we can charge you for the number of calls you have each month or we can agree a monthly retainer which would allow you to budget more carefully. Your wish is our command.


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